Our Top Ten in Paris

As our stay in Paris soon comes to an end we would like to share a list of our ten favorites in the city:

10. The view of Paris roof tops from Centre Pompidou
For only a couple of euros you can get up to the top of one of Paris main cultural centres and enjoy a spectacular view of the city right above the roof tops.

9. The charming neighborhood of Montmartre.
Situated in north Paris, this area filled with artists, designers and a rich history, gives you a real sense of the city. With the Sacre Coeur, the small boutiques and galleries it is one of our favorite arrondissements.

8. Sunday walks or runs along the Seine
As they close of the car trafic by the Seine every Sunday it is a great time to enjoy a stroll or run by the river. We have spent many Sundays this passed year running and walking there.



7. The seafood at La Coupole
The classic restaurant where we have enjoyed superb seafood. The lobster and the oysters are our favorites. They are simply delicious.


6. The amazing collection of impressionist art at the Musée d’Orsay
Nina adores impressionist art and especially Monet, which the museum offers a great selection of. The museum itself, an old train station, is also well worth the visit.

5. Ici c’est Paris
We love football and here in Paris we have really enjoyed world class games (with Zlatan!) at Parc de Prince.



4. Le Marais
Our arrondissement that we truly love. The designer boutiques, the parks and squares, the art exhibitions, the many bars, restaurants and terraces… Countless days we have just stayed in this our home area that has so much to offer.


3. Helmut Newcake
The gluten free paradise that Nina is going to miss a lot. Whether we have been there for lunch, tea and pastries or for brunch, it is always a great treat and the staff are very friendly and service minded (which is quite rare in Paris).

2. Soirées with friends and family
All the fun and exciting evenings that we have spent with friends and family enjoying Paris restaurants and bars.

1. The weekends visiting family in Normandy and Bretagne
Only a couple of hours train rides from Paris you can get to beautiful regions of Normandy and Bretagne, and enjoy the sea. We have loved getting away from the busy rhythm of Paris to the fresh air in the country side, especially to spend time with Manfred’s relatives.








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