Favorite parks and gardens

Paris really is a magical place in the spring. We like to spend time in some of the city’s many parks and gardens to relax, enjoy the sun and get away from the high pace rhythm.

As we live on the right bank of the Seine, rive droite, most of our favorite places to hang out is on our side of the river. But there is one famous and beautiful park on rive gauche that you should not miss and that is Jardin de Luxembourg:





Situated right by the Louvre, you find the famous Tulieries garden that we have mentioned before. In the spring and summer time it is filled with tourists but it is still a nice place to take a break and just chill in one of the chairs by the fountains.

Our three favorite hang outs are in some of the lesser known parks.

One of them is Parc Monceau that we wrote about in the fall, shortly after we moved here. It is a park where the parisiens of the 8th and 17th arrondissements have their Sunday run or walk. We like to go there and just walk around in the green park, relax on a bench or sit down on the grass. Although there are often many people enjoying this park it is an advantage that it is not a tourist site.




Another park that we enjoy is the park Buttes-Chaumont. It is a park that is built with bridges, waterfall and a pond. It would be an ideal place to play capture the flag. It really plays to the fun and creative sides of it’s visitors. Here you can also find one of Paris many popular bars in summer/spring time, Rosa Bonheur. A great place to take your after work drink or have cocktails with friends.



Last but not least, just two blocks from our apartement we have the Jardin des archives. It is a well hidden and small garden behind the courtyard of the National archives. Nina adores going there to read on one of the benches. It is the perfect relaxing spot in Le Marais.




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