Great affordable shopping

All of you who know me, know that I like beautiful clothes and shoes. So for me as a bride-to-be, living as students and saving for the marriage, makes it difficult sometimes to resist the temptation to shop. This means I do a lot of window shopping 😉

For those of you who are visiting Paris soon and are planning to do some shopping, here are som affordable alternatives that I like:

If you have a bigger shopping budget I recommend a day or an afternoon looking through the boutiques in Marais. One I really like is Héroïnes on Rue Rosiers , where you find beautiful dresses: Nearby you can find one of Paris most famous kosher falafel places where you can have lunch.

In Marais you also find the department store BHV Marais which is really nice, has a great both women’s and men’s selection and is less of a turist attraction than Galeries Lafayette and Printemps on Boulevard Haussmann.

One of my favorite stores to spend time in is Fleux: – a decorations and design store where you can find both fun, intelligent and beautiful gifts or additions to your own home.

For those of you looking for men’s wear I can recommend Celio* which has many stores in the city, among one at Les Halles and another on Champs-Élysées. We also have a cool shoe store with hand made shoes right here in Marais, Black Dandy:

Wall with high heel shoes from the store J Double V on Rue du Temple

Wall with high heel shoes from the store J Double V on Rue du Temple


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