Cooking gluten free French food

Since we are living on a budget we most of the time cook and eat at home. We have been curious and happy to try some of the classic French dishes and make them gluten free. For example, we made gluten free quiche the other day with corn flower (farine de maïs).

Another favorite is galettes, pancakes made out of buck wheat. It is a perfect lunch, you can fill it with anything you like. We use everything from ham, cheese, salmon and vegetables. A great filling consists of spinach, sun dried tomatoes and garlic. It is delicious. When making the galettes it is important to check the buck wheat flower to make sure it is gluten free – sans gluten. Many buck wheat mixes, or sarrasin as it’s called in French, include wheat as well. Here are some pics from our latest French cooking.

We buy most of our gluten free products at an organic food store/chain named Naturalia.


Preparing the dough for the quiche/pie


We just put in the filling


Voilà – a finished quiche/pie


Une galette


A galette/buck wheat pancake with spinach, sun dried tomatoes and garlic

Here are some links to recipes we have used:

Gluten Free French Galettes (Buckwheat Pancakes/Crêpes)

Gluten Free French Quiche Lorraine (Ham Pie)


4 responses to “Cooking gluten free French food

  1. Ready for three stars “Michelin Guide” ! Now I know a fine restaurant in Paris : “Chez Manfreid”.
    Apparently, glutten free means “glouton” in french.

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