A few days in Normandie

We went to Normandy for a few days to relax and enjoy the company of relatives. A train ride only two hours away put us by the Atlantic Ocean. Hanging out in the sun in the beautiful garden (temperatures around 30 C) by the pool and be able to swim to cool off was a great break from the heat of the city. We also enjoyed the Normandy food and drinks.

View of Étretat

View of the beach and les Falaises d’Étretat.

Normandy apples

Normandy garden apples. Might be used for pie, cider or Calvados.

Tarte aux pommes

A Manfred favourite, a local award winning cake: Tarte aux pommes – Normandy apple tart.

Flowers in the garden

Beautiful blue and white garden flowers.

French cheese plate

Every day we ate delicious cheese like these.

Orange flower

Amazing orange flower.


A French/Normandy delicacy, that we had for lunch one day: Moules frites.

Pear tree

Pear tree

Purple/blue flower

Purple/blue flower

View of the Eiffel tower from a car.

View of the Eiffel tower from the car as we are coming back to Paris.


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